im runnin vista home premium and have 1 hd 300 gb,i have my c 280 gb and another partition which is 20 can i increase the 20 gb partition?

you can use Parted Magic LiveCD wich contains GUI partition manipulator Gparted.

shrink 280 gb partition to the left. then move 20 gb partition to fill free space which appeared to the left of it. resize 20 gb partition to absorb free space which appeared to the right.

if 20 gb partition contains bootable Windows you may get problems with booting that Windows.

maybe Vista “doesnt like” (read “unknown consequences”) when end of partition it resides on is moved. XP doesnt care.

You don’t need to use any other tools.

Also, you can find how to do it with keyword ‘resize vista partition’ on search engine.

cant extend volume greyed out tying easeus home partition master(free)thanks

When you originally tried did you shrink the 280GB partition down by the amount you wanted to extend the 20GB partition first?

On Vista you can use the freeware Easeus partition manager: .