Partition and Clone Software

I think it would be very usefull to have a product that both partitions and then clones your system (all within the same GUI). A boot CD would be ideal but also have the ability to run the product within Windows itself.


Edit: Maybe also add the ability to defrag within the GUI (for the selected partition or disk).

Are you talking about software RAID?

I was thinking of a product that partitions your drive (like Partition Magic) and can then clone it (like Ghost).


I think this tool would also be usefull for people who have just purchased a new pc. Having booted the CD, the user could then take an image and burn it to a DVD (or spare partition). In the event of a BSOD, infection (i.e spyware), etc, the user could restore their image.


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And don’t forget to make it free. (:TNG)

So Melih, is it going to be out tomorrow or the next day? (:TNG)