Partial Solution for Xbox360 Live via ICS with v2.4

After spending much time faffing about following tutorials that didn’t help, I’ve found that to allow my Xbox360 to get past the DNS check on Xbox Live I need to add the following rule:

Allow UDP In from IP to IP where Source Port is 67 and Destination Port is 68

I say this is a partial solution, because NAT still reports as Moderate so you’ll probably still need to turn Network Rules off when you use Xbox Live.

Apart from this rule, there are the two rules at the top that are automatically generated by the Define a New Trusted Network wizard.

Having another look at the tutorial:

it looks like there’s a typo in the first rule, where the Destination Port is shown as 88. If this is changed to 68, it works. I don’t know if there’s any advantage in specifying all the other values as I have done in my rule, or indeed if this is a bad idea (say if the IP address Xbox Live is using changes, it will stop working again).

As for the second rule in the tutorial, with Destination Port 3074, this doesn’t make any difference to the tests and NAT still reports as moderate, so I don’t think it’s needed.