Partial Restore

I have religiously backed up my laptop as a full partition, track 0, MBR backup to an expansion drive. Now that my laptop is CRASHED, and I’ve bought a new one, and I cannot restore my backup file to my new laptop, is there any way I can restore only my most critical files?

I tried to Mount the CBU file as a drive, but when scanning it the CB main executable stops, so that doesn’t work. :frowning: Nothing having to do with restoration is working. >:( I’d really like to be able to do that to manually restore my most valuable files.

Hi, please try our latest 4.1 BETA version here.
If the CBU executable still stops working, please create a dump file.


The 4.1 Beta doesn’t work either. :frowning: Immediately after I click on Mount it says it got an Error. No code number is given. At least it didn’t just stop executing.

Please collect the debug logs and post them here.
Run the dbginfo.bat in installation folder and post the resulting cbu file.