Partage de fichiers et d'imprimante - Printer and file sharing

Je constate que le reseau local est accessible uniquement que si l’option ‘activer les alertes’ est coché.
Est-ce un bug?

I note that the local area network is accessible only that if the option ’ to activate the alertes’ is notched.
It’s a bug?

To enable file and print sharing (and ICS) you need to define a zone that encompasses all the IPs in your LAN (including any routers) and run the Trusted Network Wizard, selecting the newly created zone. After that, you should have open and secure communications across your LAN.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks. But no, it’s not works.

it work, only if alert notifier is enable? (after restart system) Why? (Bug)

Curiously, if in the explorer I puts \pc_name, comodo asks to me whether I authorize port TCP 135, and if I notch to block, it does not block the accesses to the local network.