Part of the Comodo name won't go on screen.

Recently I have discovered this strange problem. A part of the Comodo name is on my desktop and won’t go away but I can move it. If I double click on it nothing happens. As you can see it is part of the Comodo Name.
I have done nothing new, I have also completed a system restore but nothing.

Any ideas of what is wrong? Thank you for any advice.
Comodo Firewall
Windows 7 64bit

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There seems to be an issue with the Comodo Message Center messages.
For the moment you can only resolve this by unticking the following “Show messages from Comodo Message Center”

Open GUI, Tasks, Advanced Tasks, Open Advanced Settings, General Settings, User Interface.

Reboot or logof should resolve the issue.

This has already been reported here:

We only need one bug report for each issue