Parental Control

i to would like to see parental controls.this is just one reason i use kaspersky internet security on one of my has built in parental controls that work very well.they are built into the program and not online like k9 inwhich i tried and had problems would be nice to see comodo add some sort of parental control.

hyatt69, which problems did you have with K9?
Did you try to get help in their forum?

no i didnt tech,i would alot of times get service not responding and when that happens you cant get online period.another thing with k9 is it doesnt have settings for set parental controls for just wasnt for me and i didnt like it.i prefer kaspersky because its built into the suite and not another seperate program.

Simply because parents need to protect their children online as thy are not at home. If you have children then you would understand it easier

What about this viewpoint? Children certainly needs to be exposed to certain subjects to have a better concept of what’s the world is like. Proper communication between two parties beats having to block them from a certain subject.

great news a content filter is on its way