Parental Control

I personally do not need this service but i have seen many people that do want this to be made an application but i was reading around and ran across a better alternative. Use comodo secure dns to filter web traffic. It can have a similar interface to K9 but it wont require an application to be installed. it should be password protected. it can have several different categories and have more specific options in each that can be chosen.

what do you guys think about this?

Yes, I would like to see something like this developed :-TU. Be it an application or web interface, I don’t mind :). It is our (parents) duty to protect our young ones against internet.


Maybe somebody don’t need Parental Control - but to be a full package security suite - it is a must and Parental Control must be included to Comodo Internet Security. Of course I am pretty sure that some of Comodo staff will tell that this is needless service - but they are very wrong. If something have to convict people to CIS - that could be Parental Control. Best of luck to everybody. :wink:

I think having Parental Filtering optionally integrated into Comodo DNS would be a good idea, like OpenDNS. :wink: :slight_smile:

yes i too would like a parenting control to added in the next version of cis mayb on v6 or somthing liike v5.6 onwords coz i use k9 and i blocks youtube if i permenatly add it as safe list and moniter site history or just implement some ideas from k9 if dats possible

I am not sure I am understand that,why Parental control needed here?

It sounds like you do not want/need it, it could be optional/a option for those that do. :wink:

Filtering would allow people that want to block certain websites, to block certain websites. :smiley:

Why? Because some people want to block certain websites, simple. :wink:

See, that was easy right? :slight_smile:

Some people do not want to block certain websites, so they do not need it, if it is optional; then either group could decide for themselves & would not be forced to use it… :slight_smile:

I am in the group that sometimes like to use web filtering to help protect my younger and older family members & myself from certain websites, some of which could be malicious, web filtering is not just about Porn :wink: , but a Variety of different Categories of websites too. :wink:

Example, look at some of the Norton DNS categories that can be filtered:

It is an essential part of a complete security suite… in my opinion.

Yep, one more optional layer in a well balanced security/defense setup. :slight_smile: :P0l

Anybody who says parental control is not needed does not have teenage sons!

Would it worth for Comodo to enter in this new technology field?
If so, go ahead. Get inspiration on K9 :slight_smile:

Hahaha! Good one. :smiley:

Yes, Web Filtering can help with that too :wink: , but it can also help any one with filtering out possibly unwanted and/or dangerous and/or inappropriate websites too, as you probably already know. :wink:

Example: I was surprised how well K9’s internet filter did at blocking malware sites in this person’s test, even though that is not the main reason most people use it :slight_smile: :

Many people can benefit from Web Filtering, especially if they have a variety of categories/options as to what to block, and freedom to choose what is best for them. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, K9 (and also Windows Parental Control) does not separate the users accounts.

Also Norton DNS offers Optional Web Filtering through the Norton DNS Client. :wink:

So does OpenDNS.

Also Windows Live Family Safety.

WOT (Web Of Trust) Offers some Web Filtering capabilities by setting Block instead of Warn under Child Safety.

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As a father of 6 children, I would also like to see Comodo develop parental control and internet filtering, as it would be one less application I would have to run on my ancient dinosaur of a computer whenever I or one of my kids used the internet. I would also like to see Comodo firewall add internet password protection - an internet lock similar to the one supplied by TopLang which I have used for some time but which isn’t 100% reliable as certain anti-virus software features can disable it. For example, it was necessary for me to disable my Avira web guard so that Internet Lock would continue to function.

I really don’t understand why firewalls don’t already have this feature built in already. All firewalls can be configured to allow or deny internet access to programs. It seems a logical extension to me to allow users the ability to password protect program internet access as well as straight out allow / deny.

shadeclan, until Comodo develop it, you can use the K9 freeware

Or DynDNS or OpenDNS or Norton DNS: :slight_smile:

Ok, but DNS blocking is not as configurable as K9 and in my personal opinion, very last accurate and complete, I mean, K9 blocks “more” in the same category in my personal opinion.

Yes, I too find the DNS blocking an “odd” way of doing this. Besides, as others already mentioned, it is not easily configurable, does not reflect changes immediately.

i personally would like to see this made