Parental Control


When I want to install the new version of CIS, the installer said that Comodo and K9 Blue Coat are not compatible.
Is CIS incompatible with al parental filter ? Of which parental filter (free) is compatible with CIS ?


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Today there are no compatible parental control filters available, I am afraid so… (maybe you can add this feature to the wishlist?)

There is a way of blocking your pc from accessing certain domains/pc/network zones, for that you can use the “my blocked network zones” feature. This way you can make your own filters :wink:

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Thanks for your answer.

But I still have a little problem to let me children surf everywhere on the web without a parental filter which can filter the access to ‘sensitive’ url’s (:SAD)

Hello Pieteke,

I don’t know how old they are but there are a lot of way’s around most of those filters…

Hi Ronny and thanks for your answer.

My children are too young, 10 years old. Let hen suf on internet without a filter is too risky. They come back from school with a new vocabulary and with some advices from old teenagers like “search xxx on internet”.
That’s why I want to put more security on my pc.

What do you mean with “there are a lot of way’s around most of those filters …”.



I understand i suggest you look in to this one:

Maybe that will help, most of those searches will start on google i assume, you can also use this tool to “monitor” the recent searches, MyLastSearch: View your search engine query in Google and others

But there are lot’s of “webproxy” sites that most of the time are not blocked and will allow access to a blocked site.
Like this one: they go there, type the url and boom there you go…

There are also other tricks but they depend on the filter used…

Hi Pieteke, try this to see if it’ll work with CIS, it’s free by the way, good luck

Ronny, Xman,

Thanks for your info !
I tried to use K9 Blue Coat but it was incompatible. Il will try with your proposals.

To the next time !

you could try opendns


I know one that will work for foxfire I use it on my computer it is called foxfilter and it works just find with comodo it is a filter that runs as an add on to foxfire it is password protected and all those sorts of things and to tell you when it is on there is a green check mark in the right hand bottom corner oh and if you want to use it it is free and just have foxfire search the addons for it and it will come up

That’s here FoxFilter for Firefox.