Parental Control(s)?

My friends was asking me what internet security I used as he just brought 3 news laptops for his family, I told him CIS 6 Complete. He was very interested until he found out that Comodo has no parental controls. I thought I’d ask the question for him; why does Comodo have no parental controls, especially when children are using the internet on a daily basis and the internet is such a dangerous environment for adults, let alone children?

K9 Web Protection

I think it should all be in one software e.g., Kaspersky, Bitdefender and so forth. My friend was going to buy Comodo Complete for all 3 laptops, but something that is so essential to children when using the internet. He currently uses Kaspersky which offers everything…

It’s okay offering additional software but if you are a novice user they may not understand it??

Parents are young and sensible enough to know the dangers of the web for their children. I would think they know what they are looking for and will be able to understand the tool when they use it.

Other than that it is a legitimate wish to have it added to a security suite.