Parental control for standard users only

One option for parental control that would be useful for me is an option to only apply it to standard users and not administrators. If you do all your work as a standard user then all is ready when you log in as administrator in order to install or update software.

There are some people who use an admin account as the primary account. You also have the parents who (for some odd reason) assign their children a admin account as well.


great idea :-TU


It would be nice to apply the password to any of the following groups:

  • All users
  • Non-administrators
  • To everybody except a specific user

If the password is enabled for a user, then the suppressed alert settings will apply. If the password is not enabled for a user, then the suppressed alert setting will be ignored.

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Thanks to Lasse88 for some more good ideas. The pics below are his concepts, but I have modified them slightly.

The first pic is a new password settings window. When you select “apply password to specific users” and then click “define users”, a window opens (see 2nd pic) allowing you to choose which users that the password will apply to. This arrangement seems to streamline and simplify the interface, while providing maximum flexibility in defining to whom a password will apply.

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:-TU agreed!