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I’ve tried to use K9 webprotection as parental control software with Comodo firewall but it does not work.

Which efficient free parental control software (same type as K9) do you propose, being compatible with comodo firewall ?

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Can you please give some more information, like what happens when the two apps run together? It might be that CIS was configured wrong or something along those lines.

Actually, I know from installing CIS on my sisters machine that there is some incompatibility and apparently Comodo is aware of it.

When you install CIS it tells you that K9 is installed and it is incompatible with CIS. I installed anyway assuming that any incompatibilities would only impact browsing and I could see what I could figure out after CIS was installed. Then her system wouldn’t startup after reboot. She said if she had to choose between the two, she would pick CIS. So I uninstalled K9 in safe mode and all was good.

Since K9 is fairly widespread, it would probably be a good idea for Comodo to figure something out there.

Thank you for your answers.

As explained by HeffeD, CIS tells you that K9 is installed and incompatible with CIS. I tried anyway but K9 was not working (it did not block “nasty” webpage as before). I have uninstalled it now but I need a parental control software (3 childrens using the family computer… ;))

HeffeD (and others)

Do you know parental control compatible with CIS ?

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Hi Pasty:

Why no try OpenDNS:

I don’t know if it works with CIS, but you can try it for yourself.


Thank you Rolo,

i have done research on openDNS: it seems that some people has problem coming back on their ISP server after using OpenDNS.

I prefer to try other solution before trying this one

Do other person have other idea ?


I haven’t used it, but what about Windows Live Family Safety?

OpenDNS works fine with CIS. I’ve used it for a long time. I don’t use the filtering options though. There is a problem with the filtering options if you have a dynamic IP address. (As the majority of user do) Unless you want to manually tell OpenDNS every time you are allocated a new IP, you need to run an application such DNS-O-Matic to update your current IP to OpenDNS in order for the filtering to work. That’s not a such a big deal, but it’s yet another memory resident app running on your system.

Not quite sure what the problem could be here, because all OpenDNS is doing is taking care of DNS lookups instead of using your ISP’s DNS list. All you need to do to go back to using your ISP’s DNS service is to change the IP of the DNS server back to what it was before you started using OpenDNS. This takes all of 10 seconds to accomplish. If you didn’t write down the IP of your ISP’s DNS server when you made the switch, all it takes is a call or email to your ISP to find out their DNS servers address.


Imagine I have used Open DNS and I want to go back, Where do you change the IP of the DNS server back ? (I am not a computer “beast” ;D)

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The OpenDNS site has a great getting started page.

OpenDNS > Use OpenDNS

It tells you how/where to change the IP’s in Windows if you are using dialup, and has a pretty good list of router setups that can help you figure out where to change the DNS IP. For example, my router has its DNS IP’s in the DHCP settings. (Advanced Setup → IP Addressing → DHCP Settings)

All I have to do to go back to my ISP’s DNS server is change these two IP’s. There is nothing to uninstall or any further configuration. As I mentioned before, it’s a good idea to keep track of the IP’s that your ISP is using to make it easier to switch back if you are unhappy with OpenDNS.

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OK HeffeD I will go OpenDNS tuto !

Thank you !


I had a look on the tuto. IT seems very simple !

Currently my setting for DNS is automatic ! I will have to come back on this automatic settings if I don’t want to use OpenDNS anymore

Thank you for your help HeffeD


You’re welcome.

Yes, it is very simple. That is why I thought it strange when you said that some people were having trouble switching back to their ISP’s DNS servers.