parent: userinit.exe ?

I’m not sure if this goes here, but…Comodo pops up and asks about application: explorer.exe, and parent: userinit.exe. I forget exactly what it says, but it has never said anything about userinit, and I was curious. I’ve scanned the file several times and nothing is wrong with it. I just wanted to know if what is happening normal.
Thank You

userinit.exe is a Windows System File. userinit.exe executes when you log on to your computer.

No problem to allow, both programs are safe Windows core apps. Not sure that explorer.exe will need Internet access to work though (it shouldn’t), maybe nothing will be wrong even if you deny (best without remembering for now). (Not deciding whether allowing or denying implies temporarily blocking, so if no problems arose maybe you could deny if you want to.) I haven’t seen this happen before but the latest Windows Updates are being really weird.

Hi, just wanted to add that I got that alert also in the past. It showed when I opened the “Windows search” option while connected to the internet. I guess explorer.exe wanted to connect so that it would be able to use the “internet search” feature in Windows. Hope that helps.