Parent Application through OLE Automation...blah blah

I’m new here, so apology’s if this is the wrong thread or if this topic has been discussed before…I did a search but can’t find anything relevent to my problem.

This is seriously bugging me because I have no idea what Im doing.

The problem is…although I block programs that dont need net access, if I open say, msn messenger, or ICQ, programs that are blocked use those messenger programs to access the net…and if I click “DENY” in the warning box, then I lose internet connection for the messenger programs…same with firefox…if I “deny” a program that tries to use firefox to access the net, then firefox also loses access. … I honestly have no idea what Im doing and sometimes think its pointless me having a firewall…can some one please help me solve this, or point me to a thread where this is already discussed…or even a good explanation about the various settings so that atleast I can have some clue about what Im doing, why Im doing it, when to do it…etc…etc

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to the forums! Actually, you do know what you are doing. I have the same issue and if you would like to view it,,3163.msg23602.html#msg23602

I have a support ticket in and we’ll see what happens. They are in the process of looking this over and I will post with any findings in my topic. So if you’d like to wait or ask for support yourself, you are welcome to do so. I too either have to choose to deny , lose my connection or allow. But Comodo team is one of the best there is and they always try to fix issues immediately.


I don’t loose the connection, so i have to restart the computer, but i do have to restart the application… annoying anyway…

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply and the link. I do quite like comodo because (apart from this problem) it isn’t quite as annoying as other firewalls imo which is why I looked for help instead of looking for other firewall options which is what I’d normally do. Now I know its a known issue, I will wait for the fix (:NRD)

actually, I dont… (:LGH) …even tho I have 7 years experience with computers and the internet, my knowledge of firewalls is only limited to the knowledge that I shouldn’t access the net without one…I’ve never really known how to configure them and usually stick with default settings. I’ve looked for some kind of generic tutorials for firewalls but never found anything that I could easily follow ie: Firewalls for Dummies style tutorials.

Believe me, I too have 7-8 years in, and mostly went into PC repair so firewalling\security\networking, wasn’t even in my thoughts until the last year and it’s no picnic. I have a 3 part firewall column for the Comodo news coming around when Melih decides to put it up and it’s aimed at people just like you. It may give a good starter prespective on what is what. I’ll let you know when or if it gets chosen. I still have to do some work on it.


You are NOT the only one! and I had the same problem about a year ago, then I did sneak up on a fix, but cant quite remember all the exact details. But in general terms it will work like this: 1.) Get that program called "Autorun" it comes with a whole package of other utilities from "Systeminternals" then running that you see EXACTLY what loads in on boot up. So, since I hate using outlook express (because it wants to do all kind of ■■■■ behind your back) I unchecked EVERYTHING that started with "ole..." dlls exes and what have you. Did a reboot and NEVER EVER got that SAME Firewall rule violation attempt you have where OLE automation is trying to hijack your browser. Leave your firewall EXACTLY like it is right now and keep blocking that ■■■■. There are also a few regfixes that may help. I published them on my site: What I will try and do is dig out that URL where I got my system internals package from and publish it there on my “Useful tools” page. Because you can REALLY monitor which sneaky stuff is trying to run on your PC as well as every port that make a successful socket.
But that “autorun” will fix it. If you want to use OLE than I have NO IDEA how to help you
Signed Bernhard

I don’t think that guy/gal will come up here anymore. The post was in 2006 October, the last login also in October of 2006 :slight_smile: