Paraniod about computer security & need help securing pc.

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 I hope I have got the right location for this question. I really tried my best to find the appropriate section. I have some question about how to completely secure my computer. I recently purchased a Compaq Presario CQ5320Y. It come with Nortion Internet Security 2011 which I removed completely. I also recently purchased a Netgear DGN2200 modem/router combo for my Verizon DSL internet connection. It connects my Presario CQ5320Y, my mothers recently purchased Presario CQ61-411WM, and my sons XBox 360.

 We have a lot of important files, online banking information, and want to just be safe in general. Our computers are pretty much our life line as I am sure everyone is becoming this way. I have become overwhelmed with keeping everything secure. How much security is enough, and what is really needed to do the job right? How does a person know if they are really truly safe, and malware free? Your safety is only as safe as the software you are using. Which is way we must use a layered security approach. It seams that multiple softwares are always needed for the job. It seams like when browsing the web I always come across something that looks really good to add to the arsenal of stuff I am already using. Then, you end up with all kind of ■■■■ that just becomes bothersome and a pain to manage. On top of that your PC becomes like a Dinosaur. 

 I would like to know what software do I need to really keep myself and my family safe? What is the best approach to take? What software do I really need and what can I live without? I am looking for someone who has some experience with this to give me some advice on what to do. Here is a list of some of the paid software I have obtained over the years that can be used. I have a copy of GData Internet Security 2011 with just under 1 year left. It is only a 1pc license though. I have 2 copies of SuperAntiSpyware Pro with just a little under 1 year left as well. I have the McAfee 6 month Facebook trial for 6 months. I have Prevx Safe online. I also have WinPatrol. I don't use these all at the same time. I am just simply letting everyone know what software I have available to use for the job.

 Another thing that should be known is things are really tight right now for me as far as income comes. Without getting into the whole situation I am injured right now and unable to work and trying to raise my 7 year old son that I have custody of by myself. Any software that I need to get this job done will either have to be free or reasonably priced. Thanks for looking at this post. I would really appreciate any help I can get with this situation. Thanks again for looking, and God bless.

Download Sandboxie and surf the internet with a sandboxed browser, then download malwarebytes and use as a second opinion scanner, no harm downloading superantispyware and hitman pro to use as on demand scanners.I think most people on this forum would agree with the above.

Downloading comodo internet security would also be a wise thing to do, complete security in one package and use it as your main security. also with Comodo’s forum you are not far away from any help that you might need if you hit a problem. All the products I have mentioned here are free and commonly used by novices and experts alike.

You will have no problems with online safety whilst using the products above. The user is always the weak link in the chain as regards security online.

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Androo Circe.

I’m sure more experienced users will have more detailed answers, but I will tell you
what I use.

I use ‘Keyscrambler’ on both IE and Firefox. It’s free for the basic version and it
really works - I’ve tested it on a couple of keyloggers.

Of course…Comodo…you’ve already found that.
Set it to ‘Proactive’ configuration (right click the task bar icon) and don’t install
unknown programs (use and you won’t be pestered too much.
There are lots of other ways to ‘tweak it’, so just visit the help sections of the forum.

I really like ‘Sandboxie’ - you run your Browser in the sandbox which isolates it from your real system.
This way if you are ‘infected’ you can either ‘terminate the program’ or delete the entire
sandbox. It’s free even after the initial one month trial (you can only run one sandbox at a time).
I don’t go online without it. It’s very simple to use.

Of the programs you listed I think only Prevx will not conflict with Comodo (or other AVs).
I could be wrong. Generally speaking, you don’t want to run two real-time AVs at once.
Apparently, they can interfere with each other.
You’ll have to do some research.

Hey thanks a lot for your reply. I tried using Sandboxie a while back but did not use it vary long. I believe the problem was that it was hard to download stuff. I can’t remember for sure as it was a long time ago. Since I have a pro version of SuperAntiSpyware do you think it would be give to run it in real-time? Also, what about all the extras I always hear about people using? Like Prevx 3 and SafeOnline, Keylogger protection, and link scanners is all that necessary? Is it people are getting caught up in the hype of new software like I was? As far as Comodo do the paid versions offer better security options, or do they just add stuff like GeekBuddy etc.? Also, what is the best configuration for Comodo? I see under your name you have made some changes to the behavior of Comodo. I saw a guide on Gizmo freeware website about how to configure Comodo for the best protection. It says instead of using Internet Security mode to use Proactive Security mode. Is this really a good idea? Can you point me in the direction of a guide on how to configure it, or maybe tell me what I should change about its configuration? Thanks again for reading this and taking the time to actually comment.

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I download stuff all the time. You just have to configure it for ‘immediate recovery’.
There’s a bit of a learning curve but, like Comodo, it’s worth the extra work.

GeSWall works much better than sandboxie in my opinion.
Unless you are on a 64 bit operating system, in which case, Comodo Firewall + Avast would be the best combination at the moment (The next version of GeSWall will be 64 bit compatible, at which point I would recommend that you download it).

Thanks for the reply. I really like Comodo Time Machine. However, it still has some problems that need to be ironed out I feel. Is there a program that is similar to it that I can use as an alternative? I like to have a software like this incase of problems. I also like to take a snapshot before installing new software etc.

Nothing is exactly like it, though programs like Macrium Reflect are pretty similar.

I guess I should of prob mention that I am using Windows 7 x64. I did take a look at GesWall just last night. It does look very good IMO too. However, like you said when I went to download it there was no x64. I hate when that happens. I also got a copy of Zemana AntiLogger that I wanted to use, but its not x64 compatible either :-[

Comodo firewall + Avast Antivirus would be a good combo for a 64 bit OS. GeSWall 3.0 is going to support 64 bit operating systems, when it comes out, you should download it for 64 bit.
Ouch, you found out that a product was not suitable for 64 bit after you bought it? It’s times like these where you wish that new didn’t exist.

If I go with the Avast w/ Comodo firewall should I just install the firewall or should I do the defense+ too? I believe thats what it asks you when you install Comodo firewall if I am not mistaken. Luckily I didn’t purchase it. I got it for free during a giveaway. I would of been sad if I paid for it lol.

With Macrium Reflect do you have to make full backups and reinstall everything, or can you take snapshots?

You can make snapshots and back them up, I save my snapshots to my 1TB external hard drive.

The firewall with proactive defence (after you specify what components to install, of which you should only install the firewall, another screen should ask you to set the security level of the firewall, the default works well).
I just missed the antilogger giveaway. :frowning:

Sorry I am a little confused on how to setup the firewall. Do I install just the firewall, or the firewall and proactive defence? Also, I will take a look and see if I have the serial still for Zemana still if you can use it. Let me know if you would like it. I will send you a private message. It is completely useless to me as all my systems are x64. It might as well get put to good use :wink:

Firewall with proactive defence.

Thanks Elliot for all your help I have sent what I believe to be the right key to your inbox. Also, thanks to everyone else for all your help.