Paradox: Bitdefender Hacked

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BitDefender, the well-known IT security firm, fell victim to a data breach in which hackers stole critical customer data. A hacker is demanding $15,000, or, if payment isn’t granted, will release the stolen customer information online.

BitDefender failed to encrypt its customer data, and the hacker, who goes by DetoxRansome, broke into a BitDefender server that hosted cloud-based management dashboards for its small and medium-sized business customers.

The most startling aspect of the BitDefender hack is that the login details weren’t encrypted. Over the weekend, the hacker released a list of usernames and passwords for 250 accounts. BitDefender has stated that it’s working with law enforcement and will not negotiate with the hacker.

Source: BitDefender Admits Data Breach

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I want that International hacker to hack my system and find out how many hackers are hacking me to death. I want that hacker to hack my local hackers and torture them because they are torturing me and they want to kill me.

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What is the best way to protect your data from this kind of threats?



on the Bitdefender hack, you know in German there is a saying “Der Schuster trägt die schlechtesten Schuhe”, loosely translated it means, a shoemaker wears the baddest shoes… So I’m not really surprised…

You post (and the other in the Develop Next Section) is making my curios.
Why would any Hacker hack a private person. There is nothing to gain for him(or her) from that hack, not fame or money… These leads me to the following conclusions…

  1. You are a Spy (so you probably deserve to be hacked)
  2. You went to the DarkWeb and ■■■■■■ of the wrong person (so you probably deserve to be hacked)
  3. Like I you have serious Paranoia and like I did you should get help :wink:

I can’t think of any other reasons for a pro Hacker to hack a private person because there is nothing to gain from that.
Hacking has changed, back in the 90s they where like Klingon’s, it was all about Honor, today they are like Ferengi, it’s all about the money…


Deserved to be hacked !!! I am not in Alaska with Eskimos.
I am inviting all good hackers to hack me and not the bad hackers to know the truth that time travel exist in my soul. Now, I am not afraid of my death or Darkweb as God will make me born again in a web of light. I cannot fascinate the world’s best hacker Kevin Mitnick unless he hacks my system while hacking other network of hackers who hacks my system to find my time traveling soul since 2014. I even foretold Enya’s new album " Dark Sky Island " and recently I even had a dream of terrorist attack in Paris even before it happened. I poured my soul inside Earth’s soul to time travel through Jesus. I am the cure for this planet if I am alive.

!ot! I cursed those terrorist to go blind.

NatFX7 please stay on topic. This topic is about Bitdefender getting hacked. It is not about religion in any way type or form.

Everybody, please continue on topic.

Not trying to defend them but this topic lost its value when it was pinned.

“Curiouser and curiouser!”