Pando Media Buster (malware) trusted

Trusted malware ?
There is not a reaction on the start of file. A file was started.
HIPS on.

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I remember to have had Pando Media Booster installed before I reinstalled Windows (when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 ). I always asked to myself “what is this?”. Probably I installed a program which also installed this Pando Media Booster. I searched for it on Google and I didn’t find evidence that it was a malware. Are you sure it’s really a malware? CIS, Malwarebytes, Spybot etc. never detected it.

Pando is installed also on my computer while I was installing one of my MMORPG’s games. This is not malware, the game needs it installed for update downloads. You can disable it in msconfig (Run → msconfig).
I disable it because it opens a lot of ports while the computer start.

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If you are concerned that it may be trusted malware please report it in this thread.

Chiron, thanks. I sent.