panda url filtering

hi , i have tried a combination of panda url filtering and comodo dragon, and it seems that panda url filtering is not working with CD, but it works with google chrome 88)

i think thats panda’s problem not comodos

that is the answer that they have given to me:

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Maybe quote the response?

ok, the mod answer is:

“Although Panda URL Filtering works with many different browsers, it is not certified to work with absolutely all browsers, only with the most important ones.”

And my second reply is:
“Yes, but this browser is based on Chromium and AVG for instance, works fine in Comodo dragon browser.”

And the mod haven’t replied yet

I also confirm this is not compatible with Dragon or Waterfox browsers :‘(
Response also posted to Panda’s forum.
The filter performs well in IE9 and Firefox tho’.

i was just searching google for this, cant get Panda url filtering to work with CD thought its just me.
how sad of them to not be able to provide service to all browsers.