Panda security products

Well, it seems they launched there new 2009 products, we’ll discuss them here :slight_smile:


well with the new clouds thing it hase a decent detection rate, only problem is that it uses ALOT of memory… way to much

I never used and never will be using their products as a matter of a principle. They are spanish, and spanish people have that party where they throw tomatoes at each other… insane…

I love lasaña and often times I find no tomatoes to cook one… I wonder where all the tomatoes are!!!

Just kidding …

Never used their products 'cos never felt the need to… but I might try their new products these days and see how they look like in their inner parts.

Man… Lasaña isnt from spain.

Panda security is god awful…

Lasagna in italian, because is an italian food, not spanish. I like spagheti with tomato more than lassagna,hehe.
Panda AV or IS is trash, garbage, very heavy and poor protection. Panda is the spanish Norton.
And, i’m spanish,hehehe.
Don’t use it.
@DarkButterfly: If you are an uninformed, and you must read and travel a lot, you must shut up.
Spanish peeple, as italian or greek people, have got mediterranean diet, one of the best diets in the world. We eat tomatoes, of course, but not always, hehehe. We have a lot of greens, pulses, fish… do you eat “paella”? Do you know olive oil?. And of course, i recomend you italian food, it’s very good. (:TNG)
An insane spanish

You are right webbie146. . . I experienced that before!

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LOL, this is the first time I’ve seen a security thread turn into a food thread. :slight_smile:

I no nothing about Panda so keep it coming guys. :-La


I have been a “faithful” Panda-user for many years. They did in fact find traces on my HD which other AV programs did not find.
It is true, however, that the program was somewhat heavy on memory-use.

Main reason why I moved away from it, were the initial compatibility issues with Vista.

Since then I’m a happy user of CFP and Avira Premium.

Harry (:NRD)

Paella is yummy :stuck_out_tongue: And fried piggy and lamb are also good :stuck_out_tongue: (makes me hungry thinking about it) They can make the meat so soft, you don’t even have to chew ;D
Ohhh I’m !ot!
Panda will never be my choice until they make it much smaller, lighter and react to threats faster :slight_smile:

I remember a classmate that worshiped Panda. He was like always mentioning it. He was like oh the Truprevent technology of Panda will detect everything. I wonder why if Panda Internet Security is an all in one solution and with the allmithy Truprevent, my teacher had a lot of spyware toolbars in his IE. I think mostly suites are weak somewhere. Plus Panda is a resource hog. I think a contest should be made of wich makes the pc’s slower lol Panda or Norton. Oh and by the way here’s a fun experiment. Install Panda and then install Avast. Avast detects Panda as a virus lol. It’s said it’s because Panda’s sigs aren’t coded or something. But it sounds like if the sigs were actual viruses I mean if other AV’s catch it. Weird.

So is Panda a resource hog?


Of course
or in spanish
Por supuesto