Panda Cloud Pro Free For 1 Year on

Panda Cloud Pro Free For 1 Year on


Even if you pay me for it, i don’t want to ever use anything called Panda.

languy99 tested it and it didn’t do great…

But he says it still better than MSE. I’d like to know how it compares to Avast…

This new version has added few more things & new things from panda cloud paid to panda cloud free like automatic product update, web & url filter, etc.


I’d like to know where you got the idea that Panda performs better than MSE. Maybe you’re calling from Mars.

I’d like to know as well why Languy (the one who said he wouldn’t do combos any more) tested Panda along Comodo after Panda did so miserably in the first test. Maybe he was coming back from Mars and was suffering from Jet lag.

languy99: “In reality you will need comodo with any free AV to make it very good. As of right now panda has a better detection then MSE.”
Taken from the link I posted, in the top comments. Seriously guys, RTFC…

here is something to help you.
added some ponies…

why did I test it, to show what one of the highest detection free av’s is still useless without a good zero day program to back it up.

languy99 i noticed in your review that you got no notifications for the web guard. Now their is one thing you need to know. Panda’s web filter does not work in VMS or sandboxie but is very efficient in blocking malware on a host machine i’v tried this on my trash pc. Please note that panda is trying to fix the issue with web guard. for sandboxie VMS = virtual environments

Surely you jest; and as so I’ll leave my contribution here.

actually yes it does, I kept playing with it after the video was done and for a while it was not working but they must have done something on their end and then it started working.

That’s strange because they did not fix it yet on panda forums. They have anothe release coming out because of the bug it’s still not fixed. Edit: hahahahahahaahahha!!! to panda they fixed the url web blocker and guess what??? lol now it’s not installing at all rofl.

i Personally find this product very resource-intensive. I uninstalled it. It’s detection is not that great. I prefer to use Avira or avast, CF combo.

i Personally find this product very resource-intensive. I uninstalled it. It's detection is not that great. I prefer to use Avira or avast, CF combo.
+1 for me it was quite buggy

I downloaded the Panda Cloud Pro Free version for a year with the registation code but I not sure I am going to use it. I have the complete CIS on my system and I as far as I can tell my system is running tip top shape. I can’t think of any compelling reason to change unless someone makes a great reason to change. I not the kind of person that purposes goes to the dark corners of the internet I am a light traveler.
One thing that impressed me in the Languy99 video was seeing just the Comodo Firewall product have a virus cloud scanner that is amazing. It really seems like Comodo was doing all the work too like 95% of the time.
I have a question is that Malware Domain list is the main list of all malware around? Or are there other malware around not on any list? I would find if Malware Domain list was a list of all lists it would be easy for Comodo to keep signatures up to date to the hour almost.

There are multiple places where a company gets malware samples such as: user submitted, automatic user submission from the software, honey pots, web crawlers, trading with other av vendors, places like VT that have a big database and they serve samples to vendors and I’m sure there are others.

Very interesting, It makes it look like those sites keep all Antivirus companies in business.

cnet surely gets some money for it especially if the offer only exists on their site.