Panda Cloud not as effective as shown?

Hey guys… I had a simple false positive on the 11th of November, Here now - It’s the 14th of November.
Almost 72 hours and a simpe FP cannot be fixed. (Sandboxie Installer)

It get’s me thinking, A big thing about Panda was meant to be that Traditional AV’s are slow and they say they can get out sigs within 6 minutes.

I know it’s only a FP and not real malware, It appears that Panda labs are slower than they claim…

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Do you see the monitor in the bottom right corner here->> Free antivirus for Windows and Android - Panda Security ?
It answers to your question.:slight_smile:

I Never asked a question? lol. Was just reporting to people the slow speed.

Same here. 4 FPs reported over 96 hours ago and still not updated.

Maybe their claimed update times only refer to actual malware and not FPs??

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Nice to see another Mint convert :wink:

I’ve using Panda Internet Security (Promotional key.)
And See It’s rarely updated.
About 2-3 days for 1 period.
(I’m using Default setting)

However the FP always seen in all kind of AV software.