Panda Cloud Av 1.1

They say in their blog page :

‘‘Ability to run alongside other AVs and Anti-Spyware. Can now be run alongside other security tools and scanners.’’

Did you know that ? This is really cool if there is no conflict with other on access scanners :-TU

No. Panda cloud is a standalone av product and it is not recomanded to have 2 av products with proactive security installed on your computer. If you want something like that (2 av’s at a time) you can try Immunet or Threat Fire.

New features and changelog:

Behavioural blocking. Proactive, signature-less, protection against malicious actions typically used by malware. Generic blocking of malicious PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT/WMV/etc. droppers. Compatible with both 32 and 64bit Operating Systems.
Behavioural analysis (PRO only). Runtime analysis and blocking of running processes. Compatible with 32bits Operating Systems as well as for 32bit processes under 64bit systems.
Advanced configuration. Ability to turn on/off and tweak the behaviour of the different engines, cloud responses, advanced logging, recycle bin settings, exclusions, etc.

Self-protection of the AV processes and configurations.
Re-do detections that were previously un-done so that they are detected again.
Automatic upgrades (PRO only) to new engine versions and new features automatically and transparently.
Improved offline protection. Default deactivation of Windows Autorun.
USB vaccination (PRO only) Automatic vaccination of USB memory keys and hard drives.
Ability to run alongside other AVs and Anti-Spyware. Can now be run alongside other security tools and scanners.
Full scan option. Added option to run a full PC scan easily.

Why does it has Paid version ???

I’m feeling disappointed.

This is from the new 1.1 version. They say that panda cloud is the best free product. Now is paid. There are many advantages if you use the pay version like behevioral analis

It’s NOT compatible with avast (for instance), as far I know.

I do not want autorun deactivated

this is usual operating procedures by most companies who offer free software. They offer it free for a while and then they say well we have this new version that offers these extra things for better protection but you have to pay. Examples:

Panda cloud - free everything at first, now a paid product if you want better protection

Avira - free at the beginning now you get popups and the behavior blocker is not included

avast - free for the longest time but now if you want sandbox and such you have to pay

avg - free for years but now you have to pay to get the rootkit blocking

a-squared - free on-demand but no realtime scanning in the free version

and so on. At this point in time Comodo is the only company in the world that gives you the same protection in the free version as you get in the paid version. Period. They make money by selling you extra services if you want them, not by selling you better protection.

I forgot to add Immunet did it too. At first it was free and all that, now the free version is missing tons of features and not to mention the advertising pop ups when you open the main UI. It seems like they all operate like this. The product is new, comes out free, they get people to help with it, because it is free and once they start having some market share they start charging for the better versions.

languy99, just my opinion.
I get angry when freeware become shareware.
I get angry when freeware features are moved to the paid version.
I can’t speak for everybody in the list. I can say that avast did not do it.
The protection level of the antivirus Pro and the antivirus Free are the same for avast.

I beg to differ, avast does not give you the sandbox in the free version, and that in today’s world is very important. That is a security layer that you have to pay for to get.

It’s part of the firewall and not the antivirus. And, unfortunately, you have to pay. But, at least, it’s not the annoying Avira popups, the Immunet becoming paid, etc.

It says on Avast!'s website that you can get the sandboxing in Avast! 5 Pro or in Avast! Internet Security. I don’t agree that’s it’s a necessary thing to have and it never was a part of the free AV that you now have to pay to get. It’s an entirely new feature and to me, sandboxing is highly overrated. Avast! does not charge for anything that was once free.

Can you explain how the sandbox is part of the firewall when the pro version even don’t have a firewall?

You’re right. My fault. I expressed badly the idea that avast never turned a free feature into a paid one.

it is very sad that all these vendors are gimping there users but i hope comodo never does this

i agree avast has never really gimped anyone i hope they stay true to there free roots though