Panda Antivirus 2007 and Personal Firewall problem


When both Panda Antivirus 2007 and Comodo Firewall are on, I cant access the internet.
The firewall does not show any alerts, and shows some connections active for IE and FIREFOX but I always get the message “Site unreachable”.

If I disable the Panda Antivirus (a thing I definitelly dont want to do) then the browsers work fine, without modifying any rules or getting new alerts from the firewall.

A funny thing though is that I can still update panda with the firewall on.

I searched the forums, but so far I havent found any answers nor posts regarding this incompatibility or a work around.

Just for reference, I installed the Panda antivirus first with its firewall, then I unistalled it completely and reinstalled without its firewall an then I installed Comodo firewall.

I hope somebody can help me to solve this issue.

Did you reboot after uninstalling the Panda firewall? Which one does Windows report as being active in Control Panel → Security Center?

Yes I rebooted, at this point Comodo is the one reported as active in the security Center

:BNC :■■■■

Well I finally got it, Panda Antivirus keeps monitoring the Internet through a process called Webproxy.exe, even when its firewall and Internet protection are disabled.

I blocked this application thinking it was not going to be used, but it has to be on. I sent it to comodo, cause it can be a door for problems.

So they are woking together, and hopefully stay that way.