Panda 2009 beta

Is anyone using this one because it’s just ■■■■■■■ up my internet. It keeps poping up that the firewall gives problems and that I need to reboot. Even reinstalled several times. Will wait for the next beta to test again.
Any other personne that has tested Panda for the moment.

BTW : really liked the new interface :-TU. Really an improvement to other years :-TU. However still recourse heavy :-TD


I’m testing it :slight_smile: No internet problems here :slight_smile: The interface is nice - your right, but everything else - not a chance :-TD
It’s still a bloatware >:(

Xan - I’m testing stuff on a separate computer, so I can ■■■■■ up everything, but you should use a VMware or something similar for testing purposes (especially betas) :slight_smile:

I know (:SAD), but I kicked it off already (:NRD). I test it when it’s out and put it on my mom"s pc ;D. But I still like Panda, it has always given me a stable, good detection and good deletion (seems like a problem with most programs). So I like it , only hate it because it’s so recourse demanding >:(

      1. Just me 88) 88) 88)


And I don’t like it much :slight_smile: It’s huge, resourse demanding, runs more than 2 processes (I hate AV’s running more than 2 processes ;D) and detection is not very good. (And I don’t like that Panda head >:(, on some older version it was a Panda head with it’s toungue out. It looked like the animal was decapitated ;D)

You don’t like it ??? ???

But … but … it’s so cute … ms panda … ms panda … virusses are spreading … what ? you don’t care. … you want bamboo … >:( >:( >:( … you even disable my internet …

That’s it … you’re out ms panda … go to Soya >:( or ganda ;D

Xan >:(

ROLF Xan. Good description of Panda AV ;D
Yes Panda, go to Ganda ;D

It’s a beta and it’s Panda. Bottom of my security list.
The name does sound kind of cuddly though. Panda mollycoddle 2009? (:LGH)

The name does sound kind of cuddly though. Panda mollycoddle 2009?
It's a beta and it's Panda. Bottom of my security list.
From internet security it stands 3nd here, after Kaspersky and NOD32.


Haven’t tried it, most likely won’t try it, they do not encrypt their signatures…

3rd is in your opinion, right? Not via a test.

Panda is getting progressively worse, if you look back over history. Best I came across is 5th. It came 12th in this test:


There you go. That’s an exploit waiting to happen, surely.

Panda used to be good, but it can’t handle threats that are out there anymore. Kaspersky, Nod32, Symantec and Mcafee have taken Panda’s place.

But it does some great innovation, like ondemand scanning without having their software installed on your pc, it is server based. It similar like the AVplus of COMODO. Yep those guys in Spain are fighting back!!

I hope it will get a higer place with this new version and they really must look at COMODO, because indeed their software uses a lot of unecessary resources!!

But I like the Panda!! yep Panda’s rule!!! (but they really need to do more sex, because there are not many left over in the world!!!) (:NRD)

4 Words:

Tried it. Uninstalled it.

That’s the simplest way I can put it.


^^ ^^ :slight_smile: DO you mind saying why ?


Detection not good ? whell have a second look here because panda is one of the only that scores over 50 %


I don’t trust those tests. It’s says that Fortinet scored 61 % And that antivirus is ■■■■, believe me ;D

Yes, know that Panda boasts about it’s mega detection, but somehow in real world it doesn’t perform that great. I deal with Panda everyday ( Panda is used where I work and god, the admin has a LOT of problems with it ;D)

All the top respected names got rubbish detection rates? ??? Wonder if it’s possible they are panda affiliate?

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:THNK … (:TNG) (:LGH)