Palemoon causes BSOD when run manually in the Sandbox

I have tried to place PaleMoon (Firefox) in the sandbox as per mouse1 article,

But on starting browser computer goes to error code 0x00000050, clears cache then BSOD. This also happens with Thunderbird mail. Any suggestion what is happening?

OS is Win7 Pro 64bit.


I would try running it virtualised unrestricted. This will tell us if the sandbox job & security limits are causing the problem.

This does however need to be investigated so I am going to transfer it to bug reports and ask if you would make a BSOD report here please.

This is the palemoon URL if anyone with Win 7 wants to try to replicate here.

Best wishes


Thanks tried your suggestion same result, this time error code 0x0000001E

FYI Palemoon is a modified version of Firefox, using same profile. I have tried adding it via add and run (sandbox) program setting all with same result.

Made a test file to run and sandbox picked it up, so it seems to be working normal.

Thanks. Please do make a BSOD report (see above for link). Without such a report it will be difficult to resolve the matter.

Best wishes