Painful decision on keeping CIS

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know in the general scheme of things my opinion is fairly low on the totem pole but given the circumstances I will be switching away from CIS for a time.

COMODO Internet Security 5.9.221665.2197 release has been constantly and very randomly finding false positives on my entire PC. Each and every file that is smaller than 20 Megs, and this is the majority of them, come clean on both Virus Total and Valkyrie. I constantly get emails from Comodo reporting that the files uploaded to Valkyrie are clean, and the amount of false positives has been increasing with every database update.

I have in the interim tried several reputable A/V programs and web virus checkers and always get a clean bill of health.

I am very careful about the software I download and run, literally scanning all software I download and run before doing so.

Once I am convinced CIS is fixed I fully intend to switch back as generally it is the best on the market even though it is free. For now I am switching to the program that: rates only second best to Comodo.

Please note that I will be checking the site regularly for updates AND am fully willing to work with tech support and/or developers on this problem.

I hope you all understand my problem and realize this is necessary and only a temporary change.

Thanks for your time,



I would not say that you have to remove the whole cis in that case.
Just replace the component that you dont like.

I only used comodo antivirus to test if i can replace others with it. And very fast i returned to the others. False positives are just one reason for me.
But i allways kept comodo firewall and defense+ (without sandbox).

I am not sure which one right now but it sounds like to me that you have either a virus or something else because if it is submitting files everyday I think you have something on there that has latched on there are some viruses that can do that and then deleted the parts that a virus scanner would look for which some viruses can do all this and more I would have to research which virus exactly you have but that is what it sounds like to me so you may have to do more then just switch you may have to fix a problem because some how you got something and even when your very very careful you can still get something on your computer all it takes is doing the wrong thing one time and that is it

Ok, well. I guess I can tolorate the false positives for a while now as I tried and can’t STAND the next 3 Matousec recommended and I am not going any further down on that list as they drop strongly in rating after that.

I guess if I keep sending the false positives to Comodo as CIS finds them they will get the picture and fix it.

I am not sure how to open a ticket but I will look. I would appreciate a tech or developer responding to this post.



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K, apparently you can’t open a ticket without buying tech support as it asks you for your tech support order number. So, they will just get bombarded with false positives I guess.

Have you tried to uninstall cis and do a new clean install?

I just did, Windows 7 too, So far so good! :-TU

Doing a full scan now. It’s at 97% and has found zero infections!!!

Is that the future of posting? Walls of words, eternal sentences.

Please. Let’s not look for an argument.
The post is readable. Take it for what it was meant to be. Not how grammatical (or lack thereof) it is.
Stay on topic.

Since this post seems to have become a joke Please consider it dead. I will no longer be monitoring it.

I dont know if its a matter of “knowhow” or just luck, but in my machine the updated CIS is working like a charm. No problems at all, no fps and no advice box with wrong infos.

Everything working fine here. In fact, I guess that it is the best CIS ever.

Offcourse, sometimes we need to paya attention for some sites, some links, some e-mails, but no problem at all.

Try to full unninstall CIS, reboot your computer, exec some program like ccleanner or tunneup (pay attention for the reg modules, dont erease all the reg keys, just the ones about wrong paths, error classes, etc), then reboot your computer again, now install CIS (download it again, the updated one) and see if your problems get solved…

anyway, yoill be wellcome to come back in cis :smiley:

How is your CIS working right now?

It didnt.