Pages failing to load?

On some web pages it will hang and fail to load the page I then press refresh and it loads (while its trying to load the animation for the firewall icon moves very slowly), nothing appears to be being blocked but I just wondered what this issue could be?

Anything in the log? What about clearing the cache?

it seems to happen mainly on forums, I will try your suggestion

What browser and how long has this been going on? Software changes?

Are you using 2.4 or 3 Beta? That was what happened to me with 3Beta but works fine with 2.4.

IE6, and its version 2.4 of the comodo firewall. I have had problems with my logs as well, they dont remember the max log size or many events what could be causing it?

Have you tried to reinstall in a clean state like in Safe Mode? Make sure to clear our the relevant registry keys of previous firewall (versions).

I may have to try that suggestion although this problem doesn’t seem to have happened due to anything I have done. Does anyone know if there will be a repair function included with future firewall updates? as it would make things a whole lot easier

v3 has a built-in diagnostics function. I don’t know its full capabilities; I ran it and it told me the firewall was feeling okay, didn’t have a cold or run a fever, no gastrointestinal issues, or anything like that… :wink:


hopefully it will be released soon and it will remedy everything but I doubt my protection as i’ve got so many problems at the moment