Page refresh on load

I’m not sure if i’m in the right area to ask this question, but here goes…
Am I missing a setting that instructs my Comodo browser v26.0.2.0 to refresh the webpage each time I visit? I’ve seen options in other browsers that ask for preferences on page refresh, “each time visited”, “once per session”, etc. I noticed it when I browsed my own website (incognito mode) and recent changes were not displayed. I don’t see a control for this in the settings area. I would like to see updated versions of websites each time I use the browser.
Thanks in advance for any input you care to share on this.

I did a check but I can’t find it. This function is just of many reasons why I use Opera browser…

As far as I’m aware and as Eric suggests, Chrome doesn’t have an option for this in the UI. However, there are several ways you might get what you’re looking for.

  1. Extensions like Download ChromeReload
  2. Add something like --disk-cache-size=1 --media-cache-size=1 to the command line
  3. Manually refreshing using Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 - Chrome documentation - this has know issues and may not work.
  4. Select F12/Network/Settings/Clear Cache the reload - may also not work as expected.
    5 Use Firefox, Opera or even IE >:-D

I am not sure if this would work as intended.
Open the developers tools Ctrl+Shift+I, click on the cog at the bottom right corner and there is an option under General to disable the cache.

That’s the same as number 4 above, but your keyboard shortcut is quicker :slight_smile:

Thanks Radaghast, I just had a brief brain fade moment. :wink:

I’ll try your suggestions…
Thanks for taking the time to reply!