Page not displayed properly.

It has been brought to my attention that this page above
is not displayed properly in Dragon. I tried in Internet Explorer
and there it worked…

I have the User Agent Spoofer extension installed. However,
the page didn’t show up properly in any user agent.

How should it looks? Below is the same page in CD and IE8.

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Both pages look ok there. However, in my COMODO Dragon browser, the page looks like in the screenshot I have posted.

Internet Explorer displays it properly.

I tried to change encoding, user agent… nothing has worked yet.

Any suggestions?

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Also, compared to IE, I noticed that on some websites, Dragon doesn’t display some icons
properly in the webpage.

for example, in, I will post Dragon’s screenshot and the one from IE.
There are other websites I have visited that exhibit the same behaviour in Dragon, but
not in IE (I have IE 10).

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Again, here it looks fine.
It looks like a problem on your side. Try to empty the cache?

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Thanks :slight_smile: I have cleared all my data and this has solved the problem, now it
is displayed properly. However, the glitch still remained… I will try
other things, maybe see if it works.