page loading issues (verified by Opera 12 and WiiU)

so I’m trying to access the Categories and Boards section of my forum’s admin panel, but for some reason CID does this:

^ this happened soon after installing an add-on specifically for this page, modifying the DIV to be scrolled:

^ this was at around the same time I reported this:;msg764007#new

it only started acting up about later that night, and I don’t know why… :confused:

it’s only that page too… any other page works just fine >_>

just a small note…
I’ve been talking about this with the PB staff to see if I could get any leads to this browser’s issue with their site:

it’s still happening >_>

it’s a shame I have to use another browser now just to organize my forum >_<


Have you tried changing IceDragon’s user agent? The service you are trying to access could be declining the connection because IceDragon is not in the supported browsers list. Using the default Firefox user agent could solve this issue.


huh interesting…
I just recently checked yesterday though and it’s working again, as oddly as it started… >_>
I’ll try that though if it happens again. :slight_smile:

what makes things funny is how I complained about that page to PB, then suggested the idea in the second image,
before just that page alone started not working only on IceDragon. :stuck_out_tongue:

it almost looks like the browser itself wasn’t allowing only that page to load and causing the PB server to return 404… >_>
IDK… it’s working now… I’ll report any new occurrences here :slight_smile:
I’ll look for any details next time this happens with whatever page. :wink: