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After a year i have decided to give Comodo a new opportunity to prove itself usable.

My first problem occurs quickly:
cmdagent hogs the computer.
I have 1 800 000 page faults at startup on cmdagent, rising to 2 200 000.

I use Win xp sp3.
The latest version of Comodo.

What action do you recommend?

Best regards

Are you using v4? Check under Miscellaneous/More → About.

Can you describe hogging more in detail? What hardware are you using?

version 4.0135…

Its an older one.
HP pavillion 7975
Pentium 4; 2Ghz, ram 750 mb 133 mhz.

Hogging is when every function on the computer slows down. For some periods all other programs stops to respond.

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Are you using the AV section of CIS? What happens when you change the AV settings to Disabled and to On Access (assuming it is set to Stateful).

Do you see hogging when you answered and alert?

I recently switched motherboard from an old AMD Athlon 2600 with 1 GB RAM (333 MHz) to an AMD Phenom II 4 (2,8 GHz, 4 cores) with 4 GB. I remember cmdagent.exe could really hog with AV at Stateful and accessing a folder with lots of installers.

The computer is not only hogged when an alert is present, it is genrerally hogged.

The cmdagent.exe shows 2 000 000 page faults at startup when AV is in Stateful.
In other words CIS have 2 000 000 problems accessing memory during startup of the computer.
After 5 minutes work the number is 4 000 000.

The processor is seldom used more than 25%, but the computer is very slow and programs stop answering.

When AV is in On Acess, cmdagent shows 4 000 000 page faults at startup.
After 5 minutes work the number is 6 000 000.

When AV is Disabled the cmdagent shows 67 000 page faults at startup.
After 5 minutes work the number is 90 000.
The computer is not hogged.

My thoughts:
The page faults is probably the reason to the hogging, they are known to hog computers.
A page fault is a problem accessing the memory.
I have checked the memory, it´s ok.
That means that something stops CIS from accessing the memory properly.
It could be caused by something in my computer or by sloppy programming in CIS.

If i look at the number of threads here conserning problems with cmdagent hogging it is very likely that the origin is sloppy programming.

If you have a suggestion that could help me out i am of course grateful. But i am not hopeful.
(to shut AV down is not a solution)

Best regards

So, unfortunately my conclusion is that Comodo CIS is WORSE than the last time i tried it.

And that i will remove it from my computer as fast as possible.

It is a pity though that sloppy programming seems to have destroyed this concept.
One could try to explain this with the argument that the program is for free, but that is not a valid argument. There are lots of wellworking freeeware out there. And this program also exists in a payversion, and i doubt that cmdagent works better in the pay version.

Byby Comodo.

Maby i’ll drop in after a couple of years to test it again.
But i doubt that.

How are your pagefile settings?

Did you uninstall v3 before installing v4? Did you import a previous profile from v3?