Page Cannot be Displayed?

We recently moved to a new server. We had to have our SSL certificate reissued. Once that was done, we installed the certificate on the new server. However, we are getting Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage when we try to access the website.

I have tried accessing the site from inside of our network and outside of our network. I have reset IIS but that has not resolved anything.

Is there some sort of lag between the time you install a certificate and when the site is accessible with the certificate? Or should I look at other areas as the reason for my issue?

Good Evening,

Page Can Not Be Displayed is a fairly generic message put out by Internet Explorer. It can happen to a variety of reasons.

  1. IIS does not see the certificate or IIS problem.
  2. Corrupt Windows DLL
  3. Software Firewall

If you can get to other secured sites (gmail, paypal, logging into, then 2 and 3 are probably not affecting you.

As far as IIS goes, it all depends on what version. If you are using IIS 5 or 6, and you go into the properties for the website and under the Directory Security tab there is a button that says “Server Certificate”. When you click on this, does it say “Processing the Pending requiest”, display the certificate or something else? If it displays the certificate does it say near the bottom “You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate” or something to this affect. If it doesn’t say that. The certificate installation failed somewhere.

Do keep in mind that sometimes IIS can be a pain and it may require drastic measures (Restarting the box that IIS is on), but this is rare.

My suggestion to you is to have the certificate re-issued. I would then make sure you’re following our installation instructions for your version of IIS. If IIS 5 or 6, use this link.

If all else fails, either open a support ticket [ ] or give us a shout on the phone. We have phone based support available from 4a till 8p EST during the work week. Our number is located on