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Hi all. Im a noob! :stuck_out_tongue: I just started using Comodo firewall and I have a bit of a problem… I keep getting page cannot be displayed messages for about half my websites :frowning: I think it has to do with ports and all that, but I’m a real noob and have no idea what to do. Help! Please!

Thanks :smiley:

1- did you block anything?
2- do your logs show anything?
3- what other security programs do you use?



As far as I know I have not blocked anything. My logs show loads of medium severity stuff… reporter network moinitor, inbound policy violation access denied. under network control rules it has an ip in/out block and log. don’t know if im making any sense (:TNG) your help is much appreciated!


Post screenshots of your rules, Network Monitor, and the logs.
I still can’t think of what could do this, but info above is important.

Hope that this is all you needed. Once again much appreciate the help. Many thanks (:HUG)

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Sorry, i got nothing :-\

Maybe it’s conflicting with another security program?
The logs could say something, but i can’t tell from your pics. See here how to bring them here in full:

Firewall Logs: 1. Open CFP to full screen 2. Select Activity/Logs 3. With the mouse, right click anywhere in the main window 4. From the context menu select 'Clear all Logs' 5. Restart CFP or Reboot 5. If necessary run the problem application 6. In CFP Select Activity/Logs 7. Right Click in the Log window 8. Select 'Export to HTML' 9. Save the file with a sensible name 10. Open the file in a HTML/text editor 11. Modify your external IP Address if shown in the logs (See Note) 12. Save the file as HTML (don't change the format to plain text) 13. zip/rar the file and post on the forum

Note: When posting log details on the forum, it’s possible they may contain references you your external IP Address. (The IP Address shown in the bottom right of your forum post) In consideration of the privacy issues related to this, we ask you to modify any reference to your external IP Address in the log, using the following example:

Your Address: 123.245.789.123
Modified Address: x.x.x.123

And perhaps someone better qualified can help you.

Thanks foor all your help! I really appreciate it. It might have been my McAfee Security Centre, Im fiddling with its setting to see if it makes any difference.

If by McAfee Security Center you mean Antivirus, VPN, Identity & Privacy Protection | McAfee then according to the vendor it includes a firewall…Even if you disabled that part of the security suite:;msg75777#msg75777 (same thread that Pedro posted)

If it’s not MSC then follow Pedro’s post above. It would also help to see if there are any blocking rules in Application Monitor (screenshot preferably maximized so we can see the columns).

I had a similar problem with one of my browsers. It was caused by the fact that I still had the Zone Alarm program on my drive. Even though I wasn’t running it on startup, apparently some of it was loading and causing theproblem. Once I uninstalled it, everything was OK. Good luck! frayat

Most firewalls (and firewall-like applications) have system drivers which run from the point you boot the computer; prior to Windows login.

The “startup” programs only refer to the user-end when the desktop loads (ie, the systray icon for the GUI, where you can access the application).

Thus, it is never a good idea to have multiple firewalls installed, as they are pretty much guaranteed to conflict. The notable exception being Windows XP FW, as it does virtually nothing… :wink: