Packed.Win32.Krap detected by CCE


I was wondering if there is any information about Packed.Win32.Krap?
I runned a scan with CCE and found this threat on:
C:\System Volume Information_restore{C6129E51-ADFC-4137-A3A3-A30DD654F0DD}\RP3\A0000410.sys

I dont know if this is a FP or if it is a real infection.
Its weird because I have CIS since ages ago. And this is like the 4th scan I do with CCE in a short period of time and never before detected something until this very last scan.

How came I got infected if I am using CIS?

Please, submit this file to us.

Kind Regards.
Erik M.

I cannot submit the file since CCE removed it.
Logs I cannot provide since everything I posted before is what logs say.

What else can I provide?

you didn’t get infected, system volume folder is restore point data, more then likely before you installed CIS you had some file that was packed, it could have been malware or it could have been a benign file. If you removed all of the system restore points that would have also removed that file. The only way you could have infected yourself was if you did a system restore to the same point that the file was it, it would have been restored to your computer. But it is gone now so don’t worry.

All right. Thank you guys for your time and languy99 for the explanation.