P2P+Comodo Makes my connection slow down

Problem is that when I use any p2p app, my connection slows down to the point I can’t even surf the web.
If I set comodo to ALLOW ALL, everything works like it should.
I was using Outpost before and this never happened.

I’ve ready many posts about this. They suggest turning off advanced checks, logging, etc. Tried them all, no luck.

I also have each p2p set to upload at a max rate of 10kb, so it doesn’t hog my 16kb upstream.
I should also point out that I use just one p2p app at a time.

The problem actually is the latency. Since my p2p apps download at full speed (about 120kb/sec), I get time outs with firefox, explorer, or even undelivered messages on IM.

If you need more information, please let me know.

connection: Cablemodem 1024/128
OS: win xp sp2 with latest hotfixes
logged in as admin
Avira classic installed.