P2P and WoW Updater Issues

Hello all!

I recently had some computer security issues, so I decided to start using my secondary HDD. I installed Windows 7, and got it all configured. I got a recommendation to use Comodo, so I decided to try it out. So far I really like it, except for a few issues.

It seems to be blocking my P2P and my World of Warcraft Updater (which also uses P2P). I have already viewed the FAQ, and changed the Stealth Ports Wizard to the per-case-basis setting.

I still have the message “Tracker is not responding”. When I view the downloader, it says “0.00 Bytes out of blah blah” even after being open for over ten minutes.

I have already consulted Port Forwarding, and the blizzard website about Firewall issues. I also read into:
but still not avail.

Could I get some help troubleshooting and fixing this issue?

Thank you,