P2P and Port Question

1st post, thanks to comodo and all users in the forums.

I am currently using utorrent, after adding utorrent from the actively running processes, the program shows to be downloading, yet I have a warning stating " not connectable, A firewall / router is limiting your network traffic, you need to open a port so others can connect to you".

I’m no wiz at firewalls or p2p, but I do understand the principal of the stealth ports wizard. I attempted to choose the second option in the stealth ports wizard which states is ideal for p2p operation, yet when I return to the option menu to double check my selection, it returns to the first option which blocks everyone port access.

Is this the reason for the warning signal from the torrent client?

I have browsed this forum for similar situation and did read a members statement to check if encryption was disabled on the torrent client, mine is disabled.


Would this help?:


Hi worldwidewiretap,

First go into uTorrent and Enable Encryption.
And Set uTorrent to listen on one high numbered port xxxxx.
Between 49152 - 65535 Deselect > Randomize Port.

Then in Firewall Global Rules tab > Add > Network Control Rule > Allow > TCP or
UDP > In > Description > uTorrent Rule > Source Address > Any >
Destination Address > your MAC address > Source Port > Any > Destination Port

your uTorrent listening Port > Apply.

Select uTorrent rule > Move Up. (to be sure it is above your existing Block All Rule.) > Apply.

Note To Turn Off/Close Port at any time just select uTorrent Rule >
Move Down below Block All Rule. > Apply.

If you are behind a router you have to Open and Forward your Listening Port on the router.
Or your speed will be slow and you will be not connectible.


thanks for the quick response all, very helpful.

I have followed Pandlouks first response recommendation posted by jeremysbost above. After which I now have the green light in utorrent. Just wondering though, in my firewall settings, (step 4 / rule for http request is yellow) & (step 5 / block and log all incoming request is red), is this normal or does this indicate an error in set up?

All block rules are red with a black x in the middle. All allowed rules are green with a black checkmark in the middle. I’m grateful devs at least did that to make it easier to distinguish.