P17.dll - Access Denied

I am quite new to Comodo and only just recently downloaded the firewall pro 3.0. This was updated automatically yesterday (February 7, 2008) and for some reason just after the computer start ups I get a message on my screen saying that P17.dll cannot be loaded and that access is denied.

I have also noticed that on some pages my browser slows down and crashes the system so requiring a reboot. These problems did not appear prior to the update and since yesterday I have not downloaded anything else.

Could someone help me on this?

Hi BDUser

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I think that the p17.dll has something to do with your sound driver. Can you send us some information on your computer, OS, security apps, browser, etc. We have a lot of good technical help on the forums here but will need a bit more info to get to the bottom of it.


My computer specs are -

OS - Windows XP Pro

Security – COMODO and F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007

Browser – Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer

RAM – 768 MB

CPU – Pentium 4 2.53 GHz

Sound Controller – Sound Blaster Audigy

This problem with P17.dll and the system crashing might have something to do with a program called CTFMON.EXE which is the last thing to shut down and is something that did not appear prior to the installing of the update CFP I might, however, be wrong but I think its something worth checking out. Also the new update prevents my browsers from automatically updating.

While it seems the problem with the P17.dll has been fixed with the latest update there are still a few new and old glitches.

I think that the Proactive Defence setting at Paranoid Mode stalls programs too often and also tends to crash the system.

A new problem with the latest update is that Network Defence seems to picking up on a lot less intrusions. Even after 1 hour of browsing CFP doesn’t seemed to have stopped any intrusions while previously I would have had at least 100 blocked intrusions. When I check under ‘View Firewall Events’ there is a long list of blocks but 0 appears in the summary.