OZ FEST for you Aussies...

Hi I am not an Aussie but I play one on TV. Anyway, our moderator Ewen(panic) is from the big A and so are other members. Since inquiring to eachother, here is a topic for those to share the Aussie experience. :slight_smile:

Coincidentally this is my 1000 th post. My wife and I have been thinking about moving to Australia for a time now, perhaps this is a sign :wink:


Here’s my Aussie…

Maybe a little bit different than what u were looking for… ;D

[attachment deleted by admin]

well it is quite different I must say…

that blue thing does not look like a ■■■■ can!!! :slight_smile:


Nah, he’s defective! Thus the white coloring (comes from faulty breeding practices). He is OCD, but not about ■■■■ - he’s a ball-chasing maniac!

I just wanted to kick things off here, since no one was responding… Now I’ll get out and leave 'em alone. :slight_smile:


So far the tally,

1 dog

1 Alien

1 Person who WANTS to move to Australia

0 Australians

Of course if Melih moves there he would be AustrALIEN.

And one person that also have an s in the country name… :o

“Of course if Melih moves there he would be AustrALIEN.”

Switzerland? LOL :smiley:



Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - where God goes when he takes a holiday!

ewen :slight_smile:

Alright! That brings the tally up to 1 Aussie. Of course where I live is where god goes…well, to the bathroom? :-\


Hi ewen,
I live in Western Sydney also. Claremont Meadows as a matter of fact.No, I can,t look after your pets when you go on holidays. LOL. (:WAV)