Oxynger KeyShield

Hello! Anybody tried this program? If so any feedback? Thanks.


This very neat app. comes from India and has been out not long ago. It’s very useful when using public computers to log into email and other sensitive personal a/cs.

It’s like an Ultimate defence against Keylogging, it suppresses all the software-keylogging techniques I throw at it; another PLUS is that even if hardware keylogger is used still nothing would leak since this app. uses a virtual keyboard to input. Furthermore it has a portable version which you may store on your USB flash device and use it on other computers without installation. (When using this app. all you need to do is to look behind and make sure no one’s watching and no surveillance cams are aiming at the computer screen)

The limitation is it ONLY supports Win7 and Win8 systems and needs .NET Framework3.5 to work with.

Thank you for the info. I will try it. ;D :-TU