Oxynger Keyboard no longer works

Since the last update of Comodo Dragon my Oxynger Keyboard no longer works. It is an onscreen Keyboard that does not use the Clipboard Can Not be seen by screen grabs has a changeable layout and so on,i used it to log into my bank when i did not want to go into the virtual kiosk but since the last update it will not work & im back to using Internet Explorer. Is this intentional,will i need to stick with IE or is Comodo Dragon just having a bug,& the new tabs now look silly with the tiny recently visited icons & the switching from them to extensions on the new tab has moved,it was nice how it was.I don’t really want to stick with IE.is this getting fixed or is it permanent

This is Now solved, i don’t know how to mark this as “problem solved” but it is. It works just fine now.