Overwhelmed with the menus configuration options and settings

Using Every time 3.9 of Comodo and every time I have open the menu in Comodo I am overwhelmed with the pages of options and settings. I never know where to actually go to find whether and applicaiton is blocked, whether some incoming traffic was blocked or to reduce the nagging of Comodo when installing or running an application. Using Defense + and Firewall Security both in Safe mode but sometimes I get so frustrated with the constant nagging of Comodo asking for permission to allow the same DLL or application to perform and action that I shut Comodo down. I have no desire for using its antivirus since I have a separate application for that.

All I want to do is to have a software firewall when I tell it to allow an application or DLL to proceed is too stop nagging constantly.

Permission for what dll is getting asked for? Can you be more specific?

These are the two major places to check if you believe a application is blocked by comodo:

Defence+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy
(almost file access rules are here, if you by accident blocked something from running, then this is the place to check)


Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy
(Here applications are limited to access the internet…)

Just look for the file with the name you belive has been blocked…


Sorry can not find any reference for the filename but it was for my Canon inkjet all in one printer.

A couple of exes are Xampp-lite.exe and Whatsrunning.exe is two applications I believe I told Comodo numerous times to allow the application to proceed and was still nagged.

Set those programs to “trusted”. Comodo is not nagging you. Its doing its job. Please post a screen shot of your problem. Also what version of 3.9 are you using? What settings do you have D+ and the firewall set to? Are these alerts for the firewall or D+?

It may have been rundll32.exe trying to run files. Next time when you get an alert again and see that it is for rundll32.exe remember the file it is trying to run and set it to remember the answer.

Then check whether this setting is learned or not. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Security Policy → look up rundll32 in the list and select it → Edit → Access rights → click on the Modify button behind “Run as an executable” and see if the file you saw was saved.

I must say that this is a good example of why CIS really does need the new GUI in version 4.0.

I agree. The GUI in CIS 3.9.95478.509 just overwhelms people with far too many windows to search through for the infiormation that they are looking for (25 screens between Firewall, Defense+ and Miscellaneous pages).

I use a competitior’s product on another computer and their GUI is a heck of alot easier to find items.

4.0 will be way less overwhelming from what i have seen ;D ;D

I find that, even if I specify an application as trusted, and check “Remember this answer”, I will still get one or more prompts related to that application. This is especially a nightmare when installing a game demo or game, where the game has a launcher; the launcher will often cause a Comodo prompt 2 or 3 times and in turn the executable it’s launching will itself cause 2 or 3 more prompts. (Combined with the fact that some games can’t be Alt-Tabbed out of means that I often have to reboot.)

Is there a setting in Comodo that, essentially specified that once any application is marked as trusted, it will never prompt again?



For playing games you may be interested in A Note To Gamers.

Putting CIS in Training Mode is a quick and painless way to get the rules learnt. However, and I can’t stress this enough, do this only when you are absolutely sure your system of free of malware; otherwise the rules for malware on your system also get learned… and that;s the last thing we want. of course… 88)