I am receiving an error message titled overqota but I cannot find any help on the subject. Does anyone know what this means and what I should do about it?


Please post a screen-shot of the problem and more details such as what type of backup are you performing, additional log files, etc.


Hi, I really don’t know how to do what you are asking for. I am performing a scheduled backup that has been running fine for several weeks now. It backs up all my selected files to an external hard disk but recently a pop up box that says ‘you are over quota. please reconfigure to use less space’ pops up every time it tries to run.
Additionally today it has error’ed with code 4 and stopped backing up all together.

Maybe the external hard disk is running out of space.

Log files can be created by enabling logging to file in the Settings TAB.
A “screen-shot” is a caption of the screen, please see this for more details: