Comodo Firewall Professional v.3

Got a message from HP for updates when I logged on. Then clicked to update. HP updated andl installed Overland.exe ?? I did a search at HP for info on this, could not find any.

Comodo Defense message said to check for safety of Overland.exe. and send to Comodo for analysis, which I did. I see Overland folder in my program files.

Is this safe. When I reboot will Overalnd install, or did I already install it. ???


Is the file still on your computer?

You can try the virus total site http://www.virustotal.com/ or jottie scan http://virusscan.jotti.org/ to double check the safety of the file in the meanwhile.

You may want to take this up with HP support to see what exactly this program is supposed to do before you kill it.

First googled result on “overland.exe hp”:

Likely to be legit. After you find out the result, this thread will be moved to a more appropriate board.

Thanks for the info.

I scanned with http://virusscan.jotti.org/....status ok, found nothing.

Do I scan each individual file? When I clicked to upload and scan, I see the folder Overland, but the folder itself doesnt open, only the first file. Sorry, as you can tell, I am not too savy with this “stuff.”

Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Those two av scanning sites only allow one file to be uploaded and scanned. They’re not meant as a replacement for an actual AV program itself, but they of course have the benefit of multiple AV detections.

This is something you could try, but I don’t know if it’ll work: compress that folder as a .zip or .rar file. Then upload that file. Keep in mind those sites have file size limits (5 MB ?)