I thought we overclockers could post here how good we’ve done with our processors. I’ll start of with mine.

I got an AMD Athlon XP Thorton 2400+(2.0Ghz, really it’s 1996MHz)), 133 MHz Bus Speed, multiplier 15.
I’ve successfully overclocked the bus speed to 160(2400MHz), that’s 20% faster!
I’ve got it running at 2.4GHz for a few minutes, then the system crashed, guess it’s due to my bad CPU fan, heard people got it to 2.5Ghz, but only 100% stable at 2.3Ghz.
(Fixed this by increasing Vcore by 0.025V)
Now at the moment, my AMD Athlon XP Thorton 2400+ is now faster than a AMD Athlon XP Barton 3200+!

Please fill this form out if you’re going to post about your own overclocking:

Processor name:
Type of fan:
Original speed(MHz):
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Ragwing (:KWL)



1M(ega)flops=1,000,000 flops

1996 MHz


2400 MHz


I’ve heard about this a long time ago, but never tried it due to bad stories about hardware issues. Is it true? Worth it? How is it done?

Yes, if you don’t know how to overclock, you might change the bus speed too much, causing the screen to be blank, but it’s easy fixed by restoring the BIOS.
And hardware issues are most likely caused if you’re trying to overclock it as much as possible, then you might need to mess around with the voltage values. If you skip that part, you won’t have too worry.

If you can save some dollars, then it’s worth it :wink:
In my case, I overclocked it from 2.0GHz to 2.343GHz, so I got 343MHz without buying a better CPU. It might cost more if you’re overclocking to the maximum by buying new fan. The CPU will work harder, causing it to last for a shorter time, but most CPU’s last for around 8-10 years, so if you overclock, it might only last 6-8 years, but most likely you’ll buy a new one before it dies.



Thanks. I already lost 1 of 3 fans a couple of years ago :o (still runs fine, though ;D), so I better not risk it.

Whoa! What did you do to crash the fan?!


I’ve got an AMD 64 3800+ Orleans, runs great, but in my system I will need to change out the PSU before I try any overclocking (only 250w)

Oh, that’s not much. I don’t got too much neither, only 300W.
The newer graphic cards require 500W to work good!

Got my CPU running at 2.4GHz now by increasing the Vcore by 0.025!
I’ll add the new test results to my first post.


Oh by the way, are there any experienced overclocker here that can tell me if it would be good for me to change the multiplier to 12 and have 12x192(~2.3GHz) instead of 15x160(2.4GHz)?
I heard that 12x166 gives better performance than 15x133, even tho they’re about the same speed in MHz.