over 6000 "windows Operating System" blocks in 4h. atack or bug?

First sorry for any typo, English is not my first language.

My screenshot below says more clearly what is the problem. A massive amount of “windows Operating System” blocks most common in ports 60000-61000, but it affect some 100-9000 to. Every program that I use is working without problems and using or not utorrent don’t affect it.
That screenshot is for the computer running for about 4h. Even if I change my IP, dynamic IP here, after some time this continue.
I made a clean install of my computer some days ago, before that no problems with comodo firewall, and I am using comodo internet security now.

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2 file(s) are waiting fo your reveiw, i suggest you look at those first. summary> proactive defence

gleach those 2 files are trusted .dll from a program that I use for a long time. Noting really wrong with them.

The destination address of 10.x.x.x tells me that you are behind some kind of NAT/router. Is that right?

If you are behind a router, then the traffic that CIS is blocking is coming to your machine because the router is passing it as a reply to something your machine sent out.

“Windows Operating System” is the default destination process for any packet that is going to a port that does not have a listening server process.

Every program that I use is working without problems and using or not utorrent don't affect it.

utorrent and any other fileshare application will get traffic for a very long time (hours to days) after the application is shutdown down. The reason being is that the remote client machines don’t know that your fileshare process isn’t running anymore. So they’ll keep trying until their timeout limits are reached. That could be what you’re seeing in the CIS logs, all those remote fileshare clients trying to connect to a no longer running utorrent application.

grue155 you are right, I am behind a router (ADSL modem) with another computer.
I just found that is possible to set rules to block “windows operating system” and don’t log those entries, is this safe to do? What is strange is that most blocks are in the 60000-61000 range, I set utorrent to use 38623 as default.
Thanks in advance.

It looks like there are a couple of more ports open. May be they were opened by programs with Universal Plug and Play(nPnP). Not all programs close ports when being closed.

To close the ports with uPnP click right on the modem/gateway symbol in the Network screen → General → Properties → now take a look at pots that are opened and pointing to your IP address and delete those entries.

EricJH Thanks for the info, closing the unused open ports solved the problem. :smiley: