Over 500 Active Connections?

Ok, so this issue started a few weeks ago while on free wifi. I know I picked up malware somehow, but I’m not looking for assistance in removing that with this topic. I’ve posted the issues to another forum and am in the process of being helped by a moderator there to fix the problem. I’m here to ask a question about Comodo Firewall.

After noticing an infection, I found my Windows Firewall to be turned off and I wasn’t allowed to turn it back on. I downloaded Comodo and it seems to be working correctly. Another issue I had found was that anytime I got online, the internet was very slow, my hard drive light would go solid, and the fan turned up faster than I’ve ever noticed. With Comodo, I was able to see that I would have anywhere up to 200 Active Connections anytime I was on the net. Today, I started going through my Firefox bookmarks to see if they were the correct webpage, and when I clicked on “The Chive”, I noticed the Active Connections quickly getting to 500 and still climbing. I shut it down and went in and deleted that bookmark. When I got back on, I had 3 active connections. I then typed in the chive website, and same thing; over 500 connections and rising. This happens only on this site.

I know the obvious answer is to not go to the site anymore, but my question is, is this normal or not?

Thanks for any help offered.

What browser are you using? I am not seeing such behaviour with Opera browser (12 alpha).

That site has a significant number of off-site page elements, which, because of both DNS prefetch and network prefetch parameters in the default installation of firefox, will generate a significant number of DNS queries and HTTP/HTTPS connections.

It’s possible to adjust the pre-fetching behaviour in firefox by modifying the values for:

Network . dns . disablePrefetch - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Network . prefetch - next - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

This is something you’ll also see in Chromium based browsers DNS Prefetching (The Chromium Projects)