Over 100 inbound connections

Last night I pull up the control panel for comodo and noticed that I had over 100 inbound connections. Computer was running slow. Ran some virus scans and I had a rootkit. Anyways…What exactly is inbound and out bound connections. Is this connections to and from the internet? Seems like 100 is not the norm? Thanks so much for the help.

Were you running eMule, torrent or some other p2p program?

Thanks for the response. Well I do have utorrent but it wasn’t up at the time. I’m guessing that the port it uses stays open all the time and thus creating a vulnerability in the security for inbound and outbound traffic???

you dont know if your pc is ok, after a rootkit infection.

normally you just need to allow outgoing traffic, you get requested answer packets. only p2p and server need maybe ingoing rules, which should be as restrictive as possible.

use custom policy mode for the firewall, and allow only what is needed to be allowed… and as far as possible only outgoing.

normally you should only have outbound connections :wink:

what does comodo say, what kind of connections are they?