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Please do not forget that some keygens are created by anticrackers and they are malicious…


I doubt comodo has any interest to label any cracked software as a malware, we will probably get less and less FP with time, Right now I think the focus will be detection mostly, but the latest beta showed some major progress in the False Positive field, Lets see how the RC does later on…
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:slight_smile: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware identifies MBAM cracks as trojans. Sure, team CRUDE only cracks, but not infects their own cracks. :wink:

Guys, this is the last post about it please do not talk anymore about cracks as it is illegal and so against the forum policy :P0l

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And if so, Melih and myself won’t be creating new threads and Melih will stop updating sigs number on these threads. :slight_smile:


eXPerience, we are not talking about anything specific and we aren’t posting any links or actual cracks so i see no reason to censor it. I’m just pointing iout the most common problem. For example ALWIL guys fix no-cd patches, however AVIRA refuses no matter even if detection is completelly off. No-cd patches are in grey area anyway, however i don’t support cracks either but false detections are false and not fixing them will just make to generate more false positives on other files.

Iam with RejZoR on this one, many sites tests the amount of FP these days, not just detection so I hope it will kick some ■■■ in this field as well! Submit all FP and help make comodo kick ■■■! =)


Not to get off topic here, but if gaming companies made their games to not use the cd or dvd in the drive, there would be less people looking for nocd or nodvd patches. Hopefully, Comodo will not flag these .exe’s as such.


I’ve got quite big package of new (2008/2009) malware. I’ve tested it with CAVS and it couldn’t detect lots of it, every undetected file I’m uploading to Comodo reaserch. How long it takes to analize and add these samples to database? I hope not too long, because these files are nasty (:KWL).

It depends on how much malware the analyzers are currently receiving. As you can see from this thread, they are working as fast as they can. :wink:

Ahh… Any updates on this one???
4 february now. 8)

Anyway GJ!