outward leaks in new version

I just had my new version of Comodo Firewall tested and found that outward bound ports numbers 554,1755,443 and 80 are unprotected by the firewall.
Now does anyone know how what these ports are for? I think 80 is for emails, is that right? How do I configure comodo to protect those ports without having to put all settings to the max.
Any help is much appreciated.


What’s the “new” version of CFP?
Also, do you have a router? If yes, it’s your router that’s tested, not CFP.
To test CFP, plug the network cable directly into your computer, then run the test.

Port 80 is for the HTTP protocol, 554 for RTSP, 443 for HTTPS and 1755 for Microsoft Media Services.


Thanks Ragwing,
I re-did the test bypassing the router and the results remained the same. I upgraded to the latest version